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Note: after publication of this newsletter the information is no longer checked onto the actuality. So the information can be aged! We ask you for your comprehension.
Dear friends of Hungary,

Some time ago we reported on the planned highway expansion in Hungary. Here, we give you new information.

Important for travellers on the M 5 of Budapest until Polgar is the following:

The motorway on this route in the direction of Ukraine has been extended. Recently, the approximately 60 km long section between the existing highway late at Füzeabony and Polgar has been opened to traffic.

The M 5 from Budapest to Kiskunfelegyhaza will be opened later this year, but this is also another road with toll. It will be a simple trip around 2,550, -- HUF.

Now it is also the case that since some time Hungary takes over the first EU directives. Mainly and first of all the administrative directives. For example the highway tolls had to be increased for about 20%. The toll is now also to be paid on the M 7 from Budapest to Balaton. This is the route from Siofok to Budapest and no bad street with more holes than anything else and it is newly expanded (we reported before). Definitely a toll road with the same vignette are now following routes:
a) M 1 from the Austrian / Hungarian border to Budapest
b) M 3 ( Budapest - Polgar)
c) M 7 ( Budapest - Balaton)
Below are the actual prices:
a) annual toll 29.000 HUF ca. 111,50
b) monthly toll 3.200 HUF ca. 12,30
c) weekly toll 1.900 HUF ca. 7,30
d) 4 days toll 1.000 HUF ca. 3,80
New is the validity duration of the vignettes. The weekly toll is now valid during 10 user-selected days, the monthly vignette is valid for 31 days and the annual vignette 2003, can be used from 15 January 15th 2003 to February 15th 2004.

Among the vignettes include a magnetic card. On magnetic card and sticker, the car registration records. Available are Vignette and magnetic card to the Hungarian border, at petrol stations, post offices throughout the country and the Hungarian Automobile Club MAK. Those on the highway without a valid sticker encountered is to be fitted with a fine of up to 100,000 HUF (ca. 385, -- ). Caution primarily on the M 7: here is an entry and exits tightened controls.

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The archives

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