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Note: after publication of this newsletter the information is no longer checked onto the actuality. So the information can be aged! We ask you for your comprehension.
Dear friends of Hungary,

The holiday season begun and two thermal baths improved their quality.

For the bath in Csisztapuszta new wells were drilled, although the water quality still fitted the requirements, but already had some impurities. The well is drilled, the building was renovated a little - but the bath remains closed. The competent community Buzsak indicated that the bath has no permit and therefore remain closed for indefinite time. The tenant was not available, although we wanted to hear his opinion as well.

In Igal the old bathhouse has been demolished and a new building was erected. Since this weekend is the building opened. Some cosmetic work is not yet finished, but we can already say that Igal has broken with the sterile architecture of communist times and a friendly, modern recreation centre Igal owns now. Igal cannot compare in all points with the most modern baths in Hungary yet, but the most important step to the future is already taken.


The Hungarian National Tourist Office has published a new free brochure. The tourist looking for some entertainment in Hungary will find in the calendar of events of the Hungarian Tourism Office "Hungary 2003" extensive information on all events, which this year are scheduled in Hungary.

The brochure can be ordered at


The Hungarian Forint has in the last two weeks lost much of its value. After almost two years of relative stability, the currency was devalued and reached with an official rate of currently 262,680 Forints per Euro an absolute low point. The Hungarian export industry welcomes the expiration of the money as well as the tourism industry, because the holidays are cheaper. And what is good for vacation can only be good for the buyer of real estates, the prices fall for foreigners - at least among these suppliers, using the prices in Forint. Visitors to our website must be said that all the prices in Euro are for information only, but the Forint is always the leading currency.


The Hungarian National Tourist Office increased marketing work for 2003. It contains more than 3000 offers. Hungary, with its diversity of natural treasures accompanied by the Hungarian culture, the kitchen or the beauties of the country, offer the recreation-seeking tourists in every season, in any case, a rich program. The visitors from abroad will be much better informed this way. One hopes on a sales increase of up to 70%. In addition to the Balaton region and Budapest there is specially attention for village tourism. And if you are interested in the village tourism or the purchase of a property we kindly ask you to contact us. We will provide you advice and support.


We want to take this opportunity not only to report about the beautiful country and the nice people. Unfortunately, there are also other things to be reported. Not to appear being negative, we have chosen form of a gloss, also in future this will be done at this point.

Once upon a time ......

When you are thrilled about something it is not difficult to talk or to write about. But is this also interesting for others?

It is better to build on something exists, where you can express your enthusiasm (or not, as in this case).

This Existing is an association of German and German-speaking property owners in Hungary. And the results of this advertising campaign aren't necessarily positive.

A few days ago we got an edition of a German-language newspaper in Hungary. In the editorial section hidden a report on various problems of German property owners with criminal activities such as fraud, theft, money neighbours, etc. (really hidden the word "advertisement"). The entire thing culminates now in the conclusion that we necessarily need to join this association being protected from this "rabble".

But now times being mild, my lordships. Here is a fierce with the fears of the people targeted on sales. Not done!

First of all, whenever a holiday home is unguarded a long period of time and without apparent movement, the envy of certain groups will be sure, which are interested in the personal property of the house owners. That is, in Hungary the same as in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany or elsewhere. And as long as for such offences death penalty or threatened (which is probably never will be the case) it will be so.

But now even seriously thought further: who can guarantee that to such a vacation property nothing will happen? None. Only the damage can be limited. We contract for example immediately after the transition of the property an insurance this protects at least financially. This insurance costs the buyer neither a Cent nor a Forint, because we really want protect our stomach nerves. It will be for one year. If the buyer is then considered differently, and no longer need this insurance: from then they bear the sole responsibility and hence the risk. This is not different in Hungary from in other countries.

But why is the fear of these things aware of the above-mentioned club poked? In the small print I found the answer: this club makes advertising for his own insurance agency, but the customers themselves must pay both club contributions and insurance fees.

This should not be. A whole country and its inhabitants are denigrated on hard economic interests of a few people. The Hungarians have really not deserved this.

This association of course did not think about that this newspaper is not only read by land and house owners, but also by Mr. and Mrs. Everyone who simply is interested in Hungary. And the of course such an as editorial-sided displayed message scares away tourists.

For the future: before advertising again switch on your brains (if you have any).

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The archives

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