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Dear friends of Hungary,

Hungary builds on its roads. Highways, airports and railways are to be built and expanded.


Until the year 2012, the network of highways will be considerably expanded. The highways are planned to be started later this year at 9 sites simultaneously


The highway already exists from Budapest to the region Eger. Continuing in direction Debrecen and Nyiregháza just to the Ukrainian border.


Extending the highway that is already running from Budapest to Kecskemét after Kiskunfélegyháza in southern direction. In Szeged, the M5 will be attached to the new M9 and it will end at the border with Serbia. Completion is planned for 2008.


The Balaton motorway Budapest-> Balatonaliga is along the southern shore of Lake Balaton will be continued and have a motorway junction at Hévíz / Keszthely on the M9. From here, the circuit is about to Nagykanizsa border crossing close to Letenye afterwards in Croatia it will led from there to the Adriatic Sea. After completion of the repair work and the largely three-expansion during this year, further plots will built, the expansion of the road from Balatonaliga-> Siófok-> Zamardi is already in progress.


Complete construction from Austria to Romania. Route: (Graz-> Fürstenfeld) -> Szentgotthárd-> Vasvár-> Balaton (south of Hévíz, there crossing with Balaton motorway M7) -> south of Marcali-> Kaposvár-> Dombóvár-> Szekszárd-> Szeged-> Romania (Arad). This completely new highway will open up the south of Hungary. In Szeged this crosses the M5. Along the major cities Kaposvár, Szekszárd and Szeged are cuts as bypass roads for the traffic.

The east of the country between Nyiregháza and Szeged will also be connected. This new building will be at Debrecen and Békéscsaba.

Other plans range beyond the year 2012.

Plans are to connect Budapest-> Dunaujváros-> Pécs in the west of the Danube. For the route Kaposvár-> Pécs plans are worked on to connect the southern metropolis to the highways from the west. Not in the actual planning until 2012 involved, but because of the high traffic volume surely important is in combination with the M9 after Vasvár linking Sopron and the Austrian highway nearby.

Air traffic

Also at the airport expansion Taszár in Kaposvár are changes. Since September 29th is a Hungarian special company engaged making the airfield suitable for Starts- and landings of aircraft the size of a Boeing 747. The fact is that the current planning, namely Taszár within a very short time, probably until September 2003 - to a commercial airport with the same importance as Budapest Ferihegy expand, still the official version. This will make Kaposvár / Taszár to the second major hub in Hungary. All others around the Balaton located traffic airports are not of capacity and size in order for European airlines, being really interesting. However, the World Politics and the Somogy sought. Due to the Iraq crisis, all changes in the civil area of the airport Taszár have been halted. Since January 2003, Iraqi dissidents are trained by U.S. military. This means everything in and around Taszár is under strict secrecy. The realisation of the airport is thus indefinitely postponed. There is, however, an alternative. In Pécs, a charter airport is planned (Pécs-Pogány). The perspective could replace Kaposvár at least temporarily.


Alternative to airports and highways are high-speed railroad tracks similar to ICE-tracks in Germany from Budapest for example to Dombóvár Kaposvár is thought about. This rapid transit routes from Budapest to be a star of the entire country should be considered and for the necessary transport links.
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The archives

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